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At Tasktop Connect, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Tasktop’s expert support team on-site.

  • Have an issue but never reported it?
    Bring your laptop work through it with THE Shawn Minto, Tasktop’s first employee and master of technical support.
  • Completed your first deployment?
    Speak with Sr. Director of Pre-Sales, Jeff Downs on the next steps to scaling your deployment.
  • Considering adding a new tool to your suite?
    Meet with Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Management to learn how other customers include these tools in their value stream.

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Breakfast & Registration

Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Accelerating Delivery via Continuous Visibility

Dr. Mik Kersten & Nicole Bryan, Tasktop

Gene Kim, IT Revolution



Evening Event

Robin Yeman, Lockheed Martin

Mark Ford, TIAA

Carmen DeArdo, Nationwide Insurance

Keith Pemberton, McKesson

McKesson's Traceability Journey

*Agenda subject to change

Building a Secure Continuous Delivery PipelineConnect Your Software Delivery Tools Like Magic

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop

The Rise Of Architecture

Panel Discussion: Your Biggest Bottlenecks

No Tool is an Island: Building DevOps Into Your Business

Rob Elves, Tasktop

October 4 | Columbus

Jim Korcykoski, Nationwide Insurance

Tasktop: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Shawn Minto, Tasktop

The Missing Layer