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At Tasktop Connect, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Tasktop’s expert support team on-site.

  • Have an issue but never reported it?
    Bring your laptop work through it with THE Shawn Minto, Tasktop’s first employee and master of technical support.
  • Completed your first deployment?
    Speak with Sr. Director of Pre-Sales, Jeff Downs on the next steps to scaling your deployment.
  • Considering adding a new tool to your suite?
    Meet with Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Management to learn how other customers include these tools in their value stream.

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Breakfast & Registration

Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Accelerating Delivery via Continuous Visibility

Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop

Gene Kim, IT Revolution

An evening at Pins Mechanical Co.

Robin Yeman, Lockheed Martin

Mark Ford, TIAA

Carmen DeArdo, Nationwide Insurance

Keith Pemberton, McKesson

McKesson's Traceability Journey

*Agenda subject to change

Building a Secure Continuous Delivery PipelineConnect Your Software Delivery Tools Like Magic

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop

The Rise Of Architecture

Panel Discussion: Your Biggest Bottlenecks

No Tool is an Island: Building DevOps Into Your Business

Rob Elves, Tasktop

October 4 | Columbus

Jim Korcykoski, Nationwide Insurance

Tasktop: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Shawn Minto, Tasktop

Introducing Value Stream NetworksFocus on the RootsNationwide's IT Transformation Journey